S5E2: Zombie rules we can do without, part 1

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle talk about zombie rules, and why they have no place in a professional editor’s toolbox. Listen To Find Out More About What a zombie rule is Why split infinitives are not grammatically problematic Why it’s okay to start a sentence with a conjunction Ask Us A Question The easiest way […]

S5E1: Why editors and proofreaders should use audio

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle talk about why audio is such a great medium for editors who want to build brand trust and grow their businesses. Listen to find out more about The popularity of audio content Stability during playback Native hosting on websites Voices as unique brand identifiers and trust builders Audio as an […]

S4E12: Moving from traditional to indie publishing. With John A. Connell

Louise and Denise talk to Barry Award-nominated thriller writer John A. Connell about moving from Berkley (Penguin USA) to independent publishing. Listen To Find Out More About: Being a Hollywood camera operator … Jurassic Park, Thelma and Louise, and NYPD Blue Getting a publishing contract with a major press The Mason Collins series When publishers […]

S4E11: How to write a military story that sells. With Brunella Costagliola

Louise and Denise chat with Brunella Costagliola, a specialist military writer and editor, about what makes a compelling military story. Listen To Find Out More About: What makes a good military book Style guides for editing military books Common problems authors face when writing military books Fact-checking resources for military writers Contacting Brunella Costagliola Email: […]

S4E10: Editing erotica and adult fiction. With Maya Berger

Louise and Denise talk with fellow editor Maya Berger about editing erotic fiction. Listen To Find Out More About: Does adult fiction need editing? Sorting out the language: pornography versus erotica Editing in your comfort zone Common problems authors struggle with Sub-genres and good-fit editing Evaluating an author’s work Contacting Maya Berger Email: maya.berger@gmail.com Website: […]

S4E9: 6 ways to use audio for book promotion

Denise and Louise discuss the growth of audio in the book world, and how using sound creates reader engagement and helps build a fan base. Listen To Find Out More About: Narrating a sample chapter Creating free audio content that’s usable Host a live sound event Broadcast an interview Encouraging sign-ups with your voice Starting […]

S4E8: Do you need a specialist editor?

Louise and Denise discuss whether working with a specialist editor is necessary for all books and every type of editing. Listen To Find Out More About: Fiction versus non-fiction The type of editing Subject/genre Editing bites and other resources Storycraft: The Complete Guide to Writing Narrative Nonfiction (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing), Jack […]

S4E7: 18 writing-craft blogs for editors and authors

Louise and Denise talk about 18 blogs for authors and editors that offer guidance on various aspects of writing craft. Listen to find out more about: ALLi blog: Alliance of Independent Authors Ann Handley blog Articles: The Writer’s Digest Articles: Tim Storm, Storm Writing School Bacon Editing blog: Claire Bacon Bookbaby blog Clarity: Lisa Poisso, […]