Worry-free Writing: How to use ‘ranging from …’ correctly

How to use 'ranging from' correctly. A blog post by Denise Cowle

When should I use ‘ranging from’ in a sentence?

This is an expression that we use when we’re listing items, to show that there is variety. But there’s often one tiny, vital word missing: to. Without that one word, you leave your reader hanging. Here’s how not to do it: 


We have products ranging from birthday cards, beautiful notebooks, handcrafted jewellery and quirky gifts.

We have prices to suit all budgets, ranging from £50.

How do I use ‘ranging from’ correctly?

Both these sentences leave out to. When you range from something, you must also say where that range goes to, like this:

We have products ranging from birthday cards and beautiful notebooks to handcrafted jewellery and quirky gifts.
We have prices to suit all budgets, ranging from £50 to £500.

Here’s a pro tip for using ‘ranging from’ 

Think of driving a Range Rover from your house to the beach (or somewhere you’d like to be!). Don’t start your reader on a journey and then forget to tell them where they’re going. Remember, for every from there should be a to!

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